I'm a Human-Centered  Designer Researcher

Silu (Lucy) Hu, a young human-centered designer and researcher, is originally from Chengdu, China, a city surrounded by great mountains and lovely pandas. As a global nomad, she has been to over 30 countries in the world and had creative, digital working experiences in four of the major continents. By stepping out of comfort zone to explore life, she has challenged herself and taken on new tasks. Her motto as a designer is "be brave to think outside of box".

She currently lives in the Greater Chicago Area, United States and received Master of Science Degree in Engineering Design Innovation Program from Northwestern University. Lucy defines life and design the same way: a journey that she is able to observe, explore, experience and reflect upon. Her approach to life and curiosity for the mystery of the unknown are her secret skills as a designer, which drives her to empathize with people and connect human to technology.