Architecture Design

Danish Kayak Hub

"Experimenting the harmonic relationship among human, human activities and the nature."

The Kayak Hub Project, including a Café, a storage of kayaks and other equipment, a jumping board and slide, a sun deck, and a kid’s pool, is aimed to solve the problem which connect the lives of people from all age groups with the water-related activities, attract people to go out and enjoy the sunshine. The compression and expansion between buildings and harbor is the main design concept to lead people to explore the multifunctional hub and give a better view of the beautiful seaside.


By studying the similar projects to doing the field study, drawing from the sketched to the well-crafted elevations and plans, building from conceptual and structure models to the final project model, I complete the whole project independently under the guidance of my instructor, the Danish architect, Marie-Louise Holst.

  • Award: DIS Design Excellence Award 2016 – Architecture Track