Case Study:
Redesign Mobile Interfaces 

Original Interface


Redesign Wireframes (2 versions)

Low-fi 1_iphone6_gold_portrait.png
Low-fi 2_iphone6_gold_portrait.png

Redesign Mockups (2 versions)

Hi-fi 1_iphone6_gold_portrait.png
High-fi 2_iphone6_gold_portrait.png
Problem Identified:

Information hierarchy and layout of home page is confused and misleading.

Usability Testing Findings:

74% users reported that on this page the information is scattered and not really straight-forward, especially below the Cuisines Category. It’s because the category of TRY ME FREE and FREE DELIVERY has many overlaps, and it’s confusing that what FAVORITE PARTNERS mean (top rated? popular?).


Based on my analysis of DoorDash’s filter on food selection and benchmark study of three other food delivery apps (Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub), I found out that the three most important features that could make DoorDash stands out and users most care about are food delivery time, delivery fee, and ratings. Thus, I created 2 types of low-fidelity wireframe and high-fidelity wireframe to simplify the recommendation categories and clarify the targets. Also, the reason I made 2 editions is to prepare for conducting an A/B testing in the future and see which one fits users’ interests and improve further.