Procter & Gamble

A Unique End-To-End Antiperspirant & Deodorant Product/ Package Solution

Date: September - December 2019

Team: Lucy Hu, Kelly McComas, Arijit Nerurkar, Jenny Nguyen, Gretchen Vogt


  • Human Centered Design

  • Product Design

  • User Research

  • Insight Synthesis

  • Ideating

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Storytelling


Procter & Gamble (P&G) sponsored my human-centered design (product design) studio class at Northwestern University to work on project helping them create a novel direct-to-consumer E-commerce product/package solution for female antiperspirant/deodorants. We conducted rounds of interviews, insight synthesis, prototyping and testing, ideation and evaluation, and storytelling to dive into the niche and discover the opportunity areas for design. This project is under NDA and therefore, the detailed information about the project will remain confidential.


In Home Ethnography.JPG

In Home Ethnography

We started the research process by conducting 8 in-home visits to consumers' residential places to hear about their stories with the products and have a better understanding of the in-context situation of current satisfactions and struggles.  

Insight Synthesis

We downloaded the information from in home visits on the board for next-step synthesis of the data. Based on the user behaviors, tensions and emotions identified from the download board, we created the frameworks and journey map to further explore the opportunity areas for design.  

Prototyping & Testing

We ran two rounds of central site visits with consumers. With each round, we tested multiple low-fidelity prototypes we built with consumers and based on the feedbacks we collected, we iterated the prototypes and reshaped our design direction to get closer to the user requirements we identified. 

Ideation & Evaluation

We individually brainstormed novel design concepts and conducted design critiques in team to select and combine the designs that are able to address the current tensions and meet the key consumer expectations. We made the final chosen design concept into a high-fidelity prototype.


In the final step, we delivered our solution and the story behind compellingly and visually to our sponsors from Procter & Gamble, along with the executive summary, the breakdowns of the product and package prototypes, and a pitch video for their future use.   


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Pitch Video

Package Solution

Online Presence 

Product Solution